May. 19th, 2012

stapsdoes101things: A sculpture of a Wellsian Martian Tripod; text '101' in corner (101woking)

... I had a quiet Friday afternoon at work. This was before Easter. Since then, work has exploded, and I'm ridiculously busy. I much prefer this to boredom, but I doubt I'll have much time to do crosswords any more.

As cryptic crosswords go, this was a very easy one, but it does the job.
stapsdoes101things: '101' superimposed on a red poppy (101flowers)
Tuppence in Wrapping Paper

This photo was, or at least might have been (there are several, and I can't remember now which I chose), my submission for a competition to appear on Woking RSPCA's Christmas card. It didn't win, but it is by far the most interesting of my competition entries - of which there are now at least five. Apart from ones previously referenced on this blog, I have attempted to win a Kindle and a pair of Interrail tickets, and probably some other things that I've forgotten about.

Apart from that first winning entry, nothing has materialised (I wasn't really expecting it to, if I'm frank...) and I'm not really sure that much has changed for me. I will probably go back to not really bothering.

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