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So far I have spent about four days of my life in Dublin. This is one of them. Specifically, this is Sunday 15th April 2012, the final day of the 2012 BookCrossing convention, which was the reason for my being in Dublin in the first place - well, that and the cheap rail'n'sail deal, and a desire to see the world.

Here's what I saw on 15th April:

1 - waking up
7.45am - Waking up in my lovely hostel bed. See, you can even phone them if you want to!

2 - my hostel room
My hostel room. I had the whole room to myself, which was a blessing. If only I'd been able to turn the radiator down...

3 - the view from my window, including a tram
The view from my window, with bonus tram. I have tried to keep trams to a minimum in this series, but a few more may have crept in.

4 - en suite
En-suite hostel bathroom. Not bad, all things considered.

5 - Harpycumber convention pinbadge
Harpycumber, the convention logo, on a pinbadge.

6 - programme for the day
Programme for the day.

8.15am - I set off to get some breakfast before all that kicked off. Dublin in the morning:

7 - hostel from the outside
(The outside of the hostel)

8 - morning in Dublin

9 - morning in Dublin
(Whoops, there's another tram)

10 - morning in Dublin

11 - Molly Malone
(In Dublin's fair city, where the girls are so pretty, I first set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone. You can't see much of her later in the day; there are tourists and giant leprechauns crowded six deep around her)

12 - morning in Dublin

13 - Bewley's Café
(busker outside Bewley's café - be back there in a moment for breakfast)

14 - St Teresa's Church

15 - morning in Dublin
(you'd think such a wonderful gate would have something more interesting to see through it)

16 - breakfast
8.45am - Grab a seat in Bewley's; have a look at the breakfast menu

17 - 'Threshold'
I spent most of the day trying to finish this book...

18 - breakfast

19 - tourists
The lady in the blue coat is taking a photo of St Ann's Church. I don't know what the lady in black is taking a photo of, but then I am taking a photo of random photographing ladies, so I can't talk.

20 - St Stephen's Park
Walking back to the convention venue through St Stephen's Park

21 - hats
10am - Gathering with other BookCrossers at the Camden Court Hotel, with a frankly terrifying number of godawful tourist hats...

22 - Gizmopuddy, with hats
... which were distributed by the convention committee, all ready for the flashmob

23 - labelling up books
And all the books that hadn't been claimed the day before were rounded up and labelled.

24 - stray books
This is a tiny sample.

25 - gathering for flashmob
Gathering at the top of Grafton Street, ready for the flashmob

26 - BookCrossers gather

27 - flashmob
11am - When the whistle blew, we put our hats on and started reading.

Then we split up into ones and twos and went off on a treasure hunt...

28 - wild release, Robert Emmet
11.15am - Releasing books into the wild in St Stephen's Park

29 - wild release
olagorie, my treasure hunt partner

30 - James Joyce
I'm not convinced that James Joyce would approve. The park keepers certainly didn't, so we took all the books away again and released them elsewhere

31 - the Fates
The Three Fates

32 - Huguenot Cemetery
The Huguenot Cemetery

33 - self-portrait with Wilde
Unhelpful self-portrait with some Oscar Wilde quotations

34 - lemon soap
Lemon soap at Sweny's - which is not a chemist's any more, but a shop devoted to James Joyce

35 - DNA, Trinity College, Dublin
12.00pm Entering the Trinity College campus, and wild-releasing a book at this DNA sculpture

36 - accidental themed release
An accidental themed release - Keane and Keane

37 - Sphere within Sphere
olagorie adds a book to the 'sphere within sphere' sculpture - it rather looked as if several BookCrossers had got there before us

38 - choir
And the choir was just coming out of chapel. (I wonder what the reaction would be if I turned up to choir with blue hair? Mind you, the robes are better than the academic-gown-plus-miniskirt combo that one used to see a lot at university chapel choir)

And out the other end of the campus and onto Dame Street. We stopped for a coffee (not pictured) and then pressed on.

39 - pears, apples, bananas
I'm resisting the urge to make an Irish joke, here...

40 - Dame Street
12.50pm - At this point it started raining.

41 - Temple Bar

42 - Temple Bar (Curve Street)
Rain aside, Dublin is a fantastic city just to wander around.

43 - Temple Bar (Unicorn House)

44 - Duck, St Patrick's Park
1.36pm - Duck in St Patrick's Park - getting towards the end of our treasure hunt now

45 - St Patrick's Roadsign
(I really have no idea)

46 - St Patrick's Roadsign

2.15pm - Treasure hunt over, olagorie went off to join the group going on the Viking Splash and I went back to my hostel...

47 - releases
... made notes on the books I'd released on the walk

48 - releasing 'Threshold'
finished 'Threshold' and left it on the windowsill as I went out again...

49 - hostel lobby
Timecheck in the hostel lobby

50 - roadsweeper, fire juggler
2.50pm - I headed back up to Grafton Street, the spot where we did the flashmob, and thought about setting off on another treasure hunt...

51 - St Stephen's Park

52 - St Stephen's Park
... but gave up after a short while in St Stephen's Park

53 - wandering round Dublin
3.20pm - I wandered around Dublin instead...

54 - wandering round Dublin
... where you see all sorts of things

55 - antique Jesus
... see what I mean?

By 4.15pm I was getting cold and hungry and grumpy, so stopped for a bowl of hot soup and a toasted sandwich. Best ham sandwich I've ever eaten, I swear.
56 - Stage Door Café

57 - Camden Court Hotel
I arrived back at the Camden Court Hotel, the convention venue, at a quarter to five, in time to hear the results of the treasure hunt...

58 - Smithwick's
... and have a pint

59 - BookCrossers gather
Results in (we didn't win, but we didn't do badly), I wandered back to my hostel again

60 - updating journal
... wrote in my journal (6.40pm) ...

61 - postcards
... and some postcards (7.30pm) ...

and set off to join the group at the Long Stone pub for the quiz at 8
62 - Bank of Ireland
Only slightly late (this is the Bank of Ireland)

63 - pub quiz
Go Team Ballycumber! (9pm)

64 - banner at the Long Stone
It's a fantastic pub, with amazingly eccentric décor. (9.50pm)

65 - quiz refreshment
10.30pm - refreshments were distributed to keep us sweet while the committee totted up the results

66 - quiz prizes
10.40pm - after a nailbiting tie-breaker, we came in second place

67 - Dame St by night
I left at about 11.10pm

68 - accumulated stuff
Back at the hostel - here's all the stuff I'd accumulated over the course of the day

69 - bedtime reading
11.50pm - in bed with a book. (Don't ask about the spider confetti.)

70 - lights out
And the last thing I see before lights out is... the bunk above.

Date: 2012-04-22 09:49 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] ideealisme
Dublin is a great place to enjoy a weekend. Sounds like you had a good time and did a hella lot of walking, if you put the points on a map!

Next time, look me up. I will recommend to you the Hugh Lane Gallery, the Forty Foot and cliff walk from Bray to Greystones and part of the Wicklow Way...Dublin is great.

Date: 2012-04-22 10:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oooh an Ursula LeGuin book I haven't read! What did you you think of it?

Looks like a fun day over all. How did the scavenger hunt work ... were you searching for ... books? Or something unrelated, and just dropped off your books along the way?

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