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I'm [personal profile] el_staplador and this is my dedicated 101 in 1001 journal. If you're not familiar with the concept of 101 in 1001, the clue's in the name: I've set myself 101 tasks to complete in 1001 days. You can find my list on the official site, but if you'd like more information on any of my goals, click on the appropriate link in this post.

My 101 days begin on 28th November 2010 and finish on 26th August 2013.

1. Become a Mystery Worshipper and review three services
2. Go on a retreat
3. Swim 500 lengths in one go
4. Collect 400 FitCash hours on Wii Fit
5. Update AncientAndModern 101 times
6. Sing four solos at church
7. Sing three solos at another public event
8. Do Project 365
9. Collect a set of photographs of the Royal Arms through the ages and be able to blazon and date each example by heraldic features
10. Make wedding album/scrapbook
11. Compile a family lexicon/bank of family stories
12. Read books by 26 authors I've not read before, one for each letter of the alphabet
13. See 5 films at the cinema
14. Investigate my parish church, the Friends' Meeting, and one other Woking congregation
15. Seek and follow up on recommendations for various items every day for a month
16. Write first draft of "The Slowest Elopement" or another novel featuring Phyl Merrick
17. Write final draft of "These Three Remain"
18. Make a funeral plan
19. Keep track of my depression
20. Fly in a hot air balloon
21. Go to the British Grand Prix, the Goodwood Revival, or a similarly high-status motoring event
22. Eat only local produce for one day
23. Eat only British produce for one week
24. Do three things to help others reach their 101
25. Join bone marrow donor registry
26. Learn about meteorology
27. Do a first aid course
28. Set up, and fill in 1001 verses of, the musical Bible project
29. Walk pilgrimage from home to Canterbury
30. Walk Offa's Dyke or across England
31. Swim in the sea at least once a year
32. Go to a jazz event
33. Be able to pass Grade V [Music] Theory
34. Have one of my photographs framed and on display
35. Take five good portraits. If appropriate, give prints to the subjects.
36. Make a perpetual birthday/anniversary book
37. Make a scrapbook of other people's weddings
38. Run a BookCrossing release challenge
39. Wild-release 101 books, including one that is of sentimental value to me
40. Try 10 new items from the Omnivore's 100
41. Go to another country I've never visited
42. Write 30 longhand letters, not counting thank-yous for Christmas/birthday presents
43. Get something else published
44. Set up home filing system
45. Give up alcohol for a month
46. Have really nice underwear
47. Enter five competitions
48. Hold a murder mystery dinner
49. Hold a dinner party and a picnic
50. Attend 7 blood donation sessions, and give blood if advised that it is appropriate for me to do so
51. Go on a demo
52. Complete a cryptic crossword
53. Be able to identify twelve constellations
54. Complete exposition of my interpretation of creeds/39 Articles/UCCF doctrinal basis
55. Do an Advent observance
56. Skip: 500 times forwards, 100 times backwards, 10 cross-skips
57. Take a singing lesson
58. Listen to/watch 30 proms
59. Read three different translations of the same book of the Bible
60. Watch a whole season of any TV series
61. Eat at a restaurant 6 times, 2 times being at new-to-me restaurants
62. Watch 101 TED talks
63. Write 6 1000+ word fanfics (Yuletide counts)
64. Write 1001 words every day for a month
65. Squirrel-proof birdfeeders and birdboxes
66. Go one week without wearing black
67. Have my hair cut very short
68. Go on the London Eye
69. Cook two different recipes for each herb in my garden
70. Make the following: platski, pierogi, piernicki, lebkuchen, churros, crumpets
71. Make washable sanitary pads
72. Make three Christmas presents per year myself
73. Go to three museums I've visited before and three I've not
74. Explore Bradford and associated family history
75. Make a finger labyrinth
76. Spend an hour playing my cello once a month
77. See one grand opera, one light opera/operetta, one musical, one ballet, three Shakespeare plays and one other play
78. Learn to play a song on the guitar
79. Watch 10 pre-1960 and 10 post-1960 films I've not seen before
80. Record 101 dreams
81. Obtain a decent shredder
82. Watch a meteor shower
83. Learn how to tie a bow tie
84. Use all the kitchen appliances I own at least once
85. Investigate veg box providers in my area
86. Explore my square mile
87. Have big 26th birthday gathering in Exeter
88. Learn to juggle
89. Get evening watch fixed
90. Own a suit, a little black dress, and a full-length evening dress
91. Take packed lunch to work every day for a month
92. Try 3 (further) recipes in every cookery book I own
93. Take part in Buy Nothing Day
94. Publicise the Mooncup
95. Make ornaments for the three Christmas trees
96. Fix up a device to siphon off bathwater for use in the garden; use this at least 10 times
97. Do A Day In My Life
98. Do 100 Snapshots project
99. Make a quilt for impending niecephew, and one to spare
100. Buy a monocle
101. Finish restoring the chair I bought at Woking market

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Good luck, a link back would be nice. :)

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