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13 December 2011

My second Mystery Worshipper report is online! They haven't edited out the slightly political bits, either.

Two down, one to go. I enjoy Mystery Worshipping, but it's proved difficult to find free Sundays. However, I'm easily on track to complete this one well within time.
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23 January 2011

I've spent most of this weekend being ill. More to the point, I spent most of Friday evening throwing up. Consequently, taking a photograph was the last thing on my mind. Sometimes I have my camera in my handbag, and take a picture during the day. Unfortunately, Friday was not one of those days.

This put me back to square one on goal 8, "Do Project 365" - which is annoying, because I was getting on for two months in. However, there's plenty of time left. Back on the wagon!

On the bright side, my first Mystery Worshipper report is up: Evensong at Guildford Cathedral on the shortest day of the year.
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Blood Donation

I've been accepted as a Mystery Worshipper. Excitement! I'll have to think of some churches to visit now.

I'm also expecting a call from the Anthony Nolan Trust, who want to discuss some health issues with me before accepting me as a bone marrow donor. (No, I don't know what they are.)

In vaguely related news, I succeeded in giving blood on Thursday night. I so often find that my iron level is too low, so it's nice to know that I haven't wasted everyone's time.

And, while I've got the tab open, here is my latest post on [personal profile] ancientandmodern.
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3rd December 2010

I have...

- tried four new recipes (three soups and a pasta sauce), from three books, using the slow cooker and the stick blender
- taken photographs for seven of the Hundred Snapshots
- spent an hour playing my cello
- taken a photograph every day
- released two books
- done quite a lot of Wii Fit
- applied to become a Mystery Worshipper
- posted a commentary on Lo, He Comes With Clouds Descending to [personal profile] ancientandmodern
- bagged [personal profile] musicalbible and started filling in verses from the back of the Bible - counting part-verses (which I am) I'm at 17/1001 so far. (I heartily recommend not subscribing to that one if you don't want to get spammed)
- filled in an online form by way of a first step for registering with the Anthony Nolan Trust
- wild-released two books
- tried Currywurst
- watched three TED talks
- more or less finished this year's Yuletide assignment
- prompted by Do Nothing: Christmas is Coming, finished making one Christmas present, and got most of the way through another. I've also been doing lectio divina every night and, when it's got put up before I've gone to bed, filled in the examen at [ profile] wildgodcomm

I think that's it. Whew!
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Key of the Door

What's this about?

A Mystery Worshipper is a kind of church reviewer. From the Ship of Fools website:

Since ancient times (ok, 1998), Ship of Fools has been sending Mystery Worshippers to churches worldwide. Travelling incognito, they ask those questions which go to the heart of church life: How long was the sermon? How hard the pew? How cold was the coffee? How warm the welcome?

The only clue they have been there at all is the Mystery Worshipper calling card, dropped discreetly into the collection plate.

Why do I want to do this?

While I'm settled and happy at my current church, I enjoy visiting different churches and seeing what goes on there. I've always found the Mystery Worshipper reports to be a source of joyful snark, not to mention a useful guide to what one might expect at a particular place of worship, and a reminder that not all Christians work the same way. I'd like to join in with this.

How will I know when I've done this?

I will have applied to become a recognised Mystery Worshipper on the Ship of Fools website, and have been accepted. I'll have visited services at three different churches, and will have produced and submitted a report for each.

I'll record this on this journal, and add links to any of my MW reports that are published.

Accepted as a Mystery Worshipper - 13th December 2010

Evensong at Guildford Cathedral [Two] [Three]

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