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Wedding album: groups

Yesterday I got the last two photos for the wedding album printed and stuck in - which makes this one done. The leftover prints and cards were enough to fill a big clip-frame - in fact, I could probably fill five more clip-frames if I put my mind to it. I'm certainly going to do one for the honeymoon. However, that has nothing to do with the 101 project.

This seems like an appropriate spot to endorse [personal profile] freddiefraggles as a photographer. She got some fantastic shots, and refrained from putting watermarks all over them. (The latter is going to be a big problem when I get to the album of other weddings - there seem to be very few photos of my sister-in-law's wedding that weren't taken by pros.) Have a look at Freddie's other stuff here.

Meanwhile, some more sample pages from my album are under the cut )

The book is full, the things too solid to stick in an album are safely in a gift box, and it's now possible to walk from one side of the sitting room to the other without slipping on a pile of photos. Win all round.
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If you were wondering, Holy Trinity Church, Guildford, is indeed my regular church. Guildford Shakespeare Company, however, is worth seeing wherever it performs. (In the summer they do outdoor performances. I'm thinking of taking a picnic.)

So, once I'd finished my first aid training, I wandered back into the centre of Guildford and met [personal profile] countertony for dinner at Pizza Express. Olives, pizza rustichella, and tartufa di cioccolato. (Dull, I know, but it does count.) We then wandered over to the church, and watched Marcellus and Barnardo patrolling the stage until 7.30.

It was a good performance. Hamlet is not my favourite Shakespeare, or even my favourite Shakespeare tragedy (though at least it wasn't Romeo and Juliet again!) but I did enjoy this version. For me, Claudius and Polonius were the most convincing; Hamlet himself didn't quite live up to my expectations, though I don't know exactly what my expectations were! Ophelia was very shouty all the way through and then surprised me by moving me almost to tears in the mad scene.

I think the great success in this production lay in the emphasis on the military side of things: a kingdom constantly under the threat of war (and the stylised 1930s costuming went a long way to help with this) and cracking under the strain. I could have done with less of the Doctor Whoesque incidental music, at least at the volume they were playing it. And I could really have done with a cushion.

Little Black Dress

Then, yesterday morning, I was wandering around the charity shops of Woking, and came across my little black dress. The photo above is a detail of the beading at the waist. It's a John Rocha design for Debenhams, tags still attached, in my size, for £15.99. Sixteen quid is a lot for a charity shop - but it's cheap for an unworn 'designer' dress.

I wore it to a party last night. The party was in Reigate and, while it's possible to get home from Reigate after nine o'clock, if you don't want to take two hours and go round via Clapham Junction, it's more sensible to throw yourself on the mercy of your friends who happen to live ten minutes' drive away, near Redhill.

Said friends put me up for the night, and I spent this morning raiding their back-up drive for photos. I've now got copies of all the pictures I could possibly need for my scrapbook of other people's weddings. As for the scrapbook of my own wedding, it's almost finished. I just need to get prints of a couple of photos from my hen night.
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1 February 2011

No more goals completed, yet, but I've been prodding at a couple of the big ones. I've booked myself onto a First Aid at Work course (with, I might add, full consent, approval and, more to the point, funding, of my employer) - that's in a couple of weeks.

I've set up a Facebook event for my 26th birthday, though at the moment it says little more than 'ADVANCED WARNING'. I'll work on the details later.

What else? I had prints made of all the photos [personal profile] freddiefraggles took at my wedding, and spent a happy weekend sorting and trimming and sticking. I'm now rather more than half way through the album, and considerably less than half way through the photos.

Went for lunch today at Rumwong, a Thai restaurant in Guildford. It was my first real attempt at Thai food, and I liked it a lot - I had a noodle dish with chicken and broccoli, very mild and delicate in flavour. Also chrysanthemum tea, on my manager's recommendation; she unrecommended it, however, having tasted it. Myself, I found it plesant, but far too sweet. Service was terribly slow.

Ah yes, and we have discovered that the impending nibling-in-law is in fact a niece. This discovery has prompted me to get started on a patchwork quilt - a modified Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern in blue and pink.

Things are going quite nicely.
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Wedding Dress: Sketch, Pattern, Fabric

What's this about?

I got married last year. Other than sending out prints of group shots with Christmas cards, we haven't done much with the wedding photographs. This task involves getting some prints made and sticking them into an album. If some other things - order of service, fabric scraps, whatever - also get into this album, no harm done.

Why do I want to do this?

Because it's much more fun looking at pictures in a book than on my hard drive.

How will I know when it's done?

I'll have a book full of wedding photos and other mementoes, and these things will not fall out of the book every time I pick it up.

This will be recorded in a post here.

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