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18 October 2011

... particularly when it's February. And then half of March.

I've completed quite a few goals recently, but have been too busy working on other goals to write them up. And my camera has broken, which is a disaster. Also I bought a trike, which is distracting.

Anyhow, during the month of February I ran a BookCrossing release challenge for LGBT History Month. Five people took part, releasing a total of 22 books - and I released a few myself. I've posted prizes to the two winners, and have been asked to run this again next year.

Completed. Hurrah!
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28 January 2012

- Running a BookCrossing challenge for LGBT History Month. Nobody seems to have released anything yet, but it's early days, and I haven't managed to release anything either, so I can't talk. I have, however, begun to gather some goodies together to make prizes for the lucky winners.
- Having another go at writing 1001 words every day. The same rules apply as last time: journal entries, on or offline, and additions to my own writing projects, will count towards this; comments on other people's posts, or forum posts, won't.
- Seeing how far I get with the family guitar and a book entitled 'The Right Way to Play Guitar'.
- Going to see Richard III.
- Taking a packed lunch to work every day. (This is the one most likely to fall by the wayside, mostly because I only really decided to go for it today. On the other hand, this really is the time of year to make a big batch of soup in the slow cooker and take in a bowl's worth every day.)

Choosing such a short month as February to complete some of the 'Do X every day for a month' does feel like cheating, but it is at least a longer than average February. It's also a relatively quiet time work-wise and family-wise, and I think I've got a better chance of getting these goals done than I would in a lot of other months.
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5 January 2011

Many release challenges are simply 'release books with XYZ in the title', but I wanted my first one to have some purpose to it beyond simply 'releasing more books', admirable though that is. I very much enjoyed taking part in the [ profile] queerlit50 book challenge, and it provided me with inspiration for this goal.

Here's the plan: February is (in the UK, at least) LGBT History Month. I'm challenging BookCrossers to release books that:

- are written or illustrated by an LGBTQ person
- feature a positive representation of an LGBTQ person

I'll be giving two prizes: one to the person who releases the most books, and one to another participant, drawn at random. I've already got a little notebook that will make part of a prize, and I'll look out for other suitable bits and pieces through the month of January.

I'm looking forward to this one; I think it'll be a lot of fun.
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What's this about?

BookCrossing is the act of leaving books in a public place in the hope that somebody else will pick them up and enjoy them. In a BookCrossing challenge, one BookCrosser challenges others to release as many books as possible in a given time frame. These will often be based around a particular theme.

Why do I want to do this?

I find BookCrossing a lot of fun, if a little scary. By running a challenge I hope to become more involved in the BookCrossing virtual community.

How will I know I've done it?

I'll have picked a theme and a timeframe for a release challenge, promoted it on the forum, and tracked the results. I'll have offered a prize to certain participants. The end result should be that several books have been released that wouldn't otherwise have been.

I'll record this on [personal profile] stapsreads. Once the challenge is under way, I'll also link to the relevant thread(s) in the forum.

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