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Tuppence in Wrapping Paper

This photo was, or at least might have been (there are several, and I can't remember now which I chose), my submission for a competition to appear on Woking RSPCA's Christmas card. It didn't win, but it is by far the most interesting of my competition entries - of which there are now at least five. Apart from ones previously referenced on this blog, I have attempted to win a Kindle and a pair of Interrail tickets, and probably some other things that I've forgotten about.

Apart from that first winning entry, nothing has materialised (I wasn't really expecting it to, if I'm frank...) and I'm not really sure that much has changed for me. I will probably go back to not really bothering.


Jul. 18th, 2011 02:10 pm
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4 June 2011

I've been making odd bits of progress here and there. I've crossed off a few goals and not written them up. I'm plodding on with some ongoing ones. A couple have more or less stalled for the moment.

Writing them up has been problematic because I always like to put in a photo. However, my desktop computer has reached the end of its useful life (useful as a computer, I mean, rather than as a coffee table) and this little netbook is no use at all for sorting photos out. So, rather than wait and wait, here's a summary of what I've managed to do, and maybe I'll do proper posts with photos at a later date.

- I've tentatively booked myself on a retreat organised by some people at church. It will be taking place early next year and is on the theme of Silence. I've also picked up a leaflet from our local retreat centre and may go along to something there. (Goal 2)
- Um, I might have got slightly tipsy on Saturday and sung Moon River with the jazz band at [ profile] angelil's wedding reception. I don't think anyone was actually listening (just as well) but this still counts for Goal 7.
- I've written a funeral plan (Goal 18)
- I entered a competition in a magazine to win a plate of rubber stamps. (Goal 47)
- I listened to two Proms concerts yesterday - the organ recital by Stephen Farr and Havergal Brian's Gothic Symphony. (Goal 58
- I've spent quite a lot of time in London recently and, over the space of two visits, spent a couple of hours in the British Museum. I spent the first visit looking round this exhibition. I have to say, most of the reliquaries didn't do much for me, feeling extravagant, creepy, or both, but I did like the Roman section and the part about pilgrimage. The next weekend, I looked at the exhibition of clocks and watches, and glanced around the Medieval room. But really, there's so much there that it would take a lifetime to see the lot. (Goal 73)
- I've made a finger labyrinth out of air-drying clay. It's dry now, but I think it wants some kind of paint or varnish. I'm not sure what yet; I'm waiting for inspiration to strike. (Goal 75)
- I watched The Way; I'd like to see it in the cinema, though. Goal 79)
- You'll see from the photo above that I've begun work on exploring my square mile. I've marked it out on the A-Z and walked down a few of the streets. This is another one for which I really need a working camera, though. (Goal 86)
- I have bought a monocle. Yes, there will be pictures. May I recommend I Need Spex, who not only produced the damn thing to my prescription, but, when they did it for the wrong eye, sorted it out very quickly and politely. (Goal 100)

- Due to computer problems explained above, Project 365 has stalled for the moment. I intend to restart on my birthday. (Goal 8)
- I haven't really been keeping track of my depression, mainly because I've not been depressed for a while. So that's good. (Goal 19)
- I'm not sure what's going on with my watch. I got its battery changed, and it worked for a while, but now it keeps stopping and starting. I think I shall have to mark this as uncompleted again. (Goal 89)

- I am going to change Goal 76, because it's just not happening, and when it is I'm not enjoying it. But that does deserve a post to itself.
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You may remember that before Christmas I entered my work's 'seasonal silliness competition'.

My answers are below.

My winning answers.

For yes! I am shortly to become the proud owner of £40 in vouchers. Or possibly £20 - I was joint winner with someone in another region. But anyway - I won!

1. As patron saint of sailors, the Greek bishop Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus) might be in the Panhellenic Sailors’ Union or, like his elves (see below) he might be a member of the Finnish Post and Logistics Union. Since he is also patron saint of the falsely accused, among other things, he would almost certainly be a rep.

2. Assuming legend is true and Santa Claus is based in Lapland, and given that 80% of Finland’s workforce is unionised, the elves would probably be in the Finnish Post and Logistics Union, the Wood and Allied Workers’ Union, the Metalworkers’ Union, the Paperworkers’ Union, the Finnish Electrical Workers’ Union or the Finnish Foodstuff Workers’ Union, according to their role in the grotto. All of these fall under the SAK, the Central Association of Finnish Trade Unions.

3. The Christmas fairy gets all the blame when things go wrong, and it’s very rarely her fault. Turkey not defrosted? Blame the Christmas fairy. No mince pies for Santa? Blame the Christmas fairy. Washing up? Oh, the fairy will do it. Plus she’ll clear up the wrapping paper, keep the cat out of the kitchen, and make sure the chimney is clear. Then when you consider that she has to spend twenty-four hours a day standing on a spiky tree-top, close to hot lights, and with a long way to fall to the floor, you have to hope she’s got a decent union.

4. While the herald angels are employed by the Almighty and should, one hopes, have nothing to complain about, history records certain of the heavenly host being less than happy with their working conditions and seeking alternative employment as a result. I therefore think it plausible that the angelic choirs may be unionised. They would of course be members of the Musicians’ Union.

It would have been silly to make this goal 'win five competitions'. After all, the whole point of this goal was to introduce an element of chance. But I'm rather pleased that this first one has come up trumps.

In related news, I also entered the competition shown in the photograph, more in hope than expectation - someone had left their Evening Standard on the train, and I thought why the hell not.

I'm also some way towards entering a competition I saw advertised in Sainsbury's: produce a piece of art for the local RSPCA branch's Christmas card. I got a half-decent photo of my ma's cat Tuppence up to her neck in wrapping paper, and have today collected a print. I'll be sending that off in the next few days.

Effectively, I'm half-way towards calling this goal complete. It's a good feeling.
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So, in the spirit of goodwill and bon-hommy, I entered the competition in my work newsletter. The questions are below. I'm not revealing my answers - not until after the closing date, anyway!

1. If Santa was a trade union member, which union would he be in and why?
2. Which union would the elves belong to?
3. Why do you think the Christmas fairy would be a union member?
4. Would the herald angels be unionised, and if so in which union?

[slightly redacted]
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Why do I want to do this?

In the midst of this rather rigid, controlled exercise, I'd like to remind myself that there are some things that are beyond my control. Luck is going to have to creep in here somewhere.

How will I know I've done it?

I'll have participated in five competitions. It doesn't matter what sort.

I'll record this in posts in this journal.

Seasonal Silliness Competition

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