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Christmas presents 2011

Keeping up with my 'three home-made presents per year' thing was a bit of a marathon this year; I'm not sure why. Then again, so was Christmas generally. Still, I did it, and now they've all been opened I can tell you what they were.

Left to right:

- knitted hat for my stepmother-in-law (here's the finished product - I made a scarf to match, but didn't take a photo)
- knitted hat for a BookCrossing Secret Santa (plus a Philip Hensher book, which you can just about see)
- pierniczki (I made two lots, with much cursing. One went to my family, and the other to my friend Anne).
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Oven glove

Well, yet again I failed to make that scrap of pineapple-patterned silk into something useful for Mike and Charlotte. I stuffed the star-shaped pincushion that's been hanging around for ages, but didn't give it to anybody. And, of the four items of jewellery I made, only one actually got given to somebody.

I did, however, make:

- an oven glove, for my mother;
- a necklace, for my cousin;
- several bags of vanilla fudge (my speciality) and pierniczki for friends -

and distributed three jars of pumpkin and runner bean chutney (made in October, maturing for a couple of months) between the various parents -

- which I think amply fills the 2010 quota. Onwards and upwards!
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3rd December 2010

I have...

- tried four new recipes (three soups and a pasta sauce), from three books, using the slow cooker and the stick blender
- taken photographs for seven of the Hundred Snapshots
- spent an hour playing my cello
- taken a photograph every day
- released two books
- done quite a lot of Wii Fit
- applied to become a Mystery Worshipper
- posted a commentary on Lo, He Comes With Clouds Descending to [personal profile] ancientandmodern
- bagged [personal profile] musicalbible and started filling in verses from the back of the Bible - counting part-verses (which I am) I'm at 17/1001 so far. (I heartily recommend not subscribing to that one if you don't want to get spammed)
- filled in an online form by way of a first step for registering with the Anthony Nolan Trust
- wild-released two books
- tried Currywurst
- watched three TED talks
- more or less finished this year's Yuletide assignment
- prompted by Do Nothing: Christmas is Coming, finished making one Christmas present, and got most of the way through another. I've also been doing lectio divina every night and, when it's got put up before I've gone to bed, filled in the examen at [ profile] wildgodcomm

I think that's it. Whew!
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Cat in the Wrapping

Why do I want to do this?

I've never been keen on the idea that 'Christmas = spend loadsa money!!!'. I have more sympathy for the one that goes 'Christmas = spend time and trouble on people you love'. That's what this is about. It's also a variation on 'Recycled Christmas', which was a goal on the old list. Besides, I like making things.

How will I know I've done it?

For Christmas 2010, 2011 and 2012, three of the presents I give will have been made by myself. These can be edible, wearable, practical, frivolous, or whatever.

I'll record this in posts in this journal - after Christmas.

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