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Lime Muscavado Biscuits

My hundredth day is approaching at a terrifying pace. Yesterday, being my compressed day (the day off I get once a fortnight for working extra hard and extra long on the other nine days) I attacked some goals with vigour:

- I went outside in my dressing gown to get some photos of the morning sky and the bush at the corner of our garden. One of these was my picture of the day, and another will do for Smell in the Hundred Snapshots.

- I went swimming in the morning, for the first time since, erm, I completed my 'swim 50 lengths' goal last time around, not counting some splashing around in the sea. That was two and a half years ago.

I'm beginning to learn about what my body thinks it can and can't do. I hadn't even got to four lengths before my lungs were complaining, but I discovered that I can push through this, and actually managed thirty lengths in thirty minutes. Five hundred lengths is looking ambitious, yes, but just about manageable.

- I wild-released a book at the swimming pool, too.

- I spent most of the rest of the day in the kitchen, making Celery and Peanut Soup (from Best Kept Secrets of the Women's Institute: Home Cooking - not very exciting), Lime Muscovado Biscuits (pictured - from Cookies Galore - disappointing until iced, at which point they become very exciting); and Soufflé Pancakes with Cheese and Broccoli (from Mary Berry's Complete Cookbook - very tasty, but immensely fiddly, and I don't think I'd ever dare to cook it for anyone other than the Countertony and myself).

- Having eaten some of the above, I watched Shanghai Express (I must post a review) and did some patchwork.

Pretty productive all round, really.
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29 January 2011

I made good use of the Sainsbury's vouchers I won. I spent them on the makings of a dinner party. Readers of [personal profile] el_staplador will be familiar with the trials I went through actually getting people to attend, but that's another story. We ended up with four at table, and three courses, and that's good enough.

Plus, we used the posh wedding crockery, which puts things on another plane entirely.

The menu was as follows:

Salade niçoise (as taken from Katharine Whitehorn's immortal Cooking in a Bedsitter; this is not a new recipe to me, however)

Boeuf Bourguignonne with new potatoes and French beans (had to get the Burgundy from M&S, though; they didn't have any in Sainsbury's. Mishmash of slow cooker cookbook and Mary Berry)

Pear and ginger sorbet (Mary Berry recipe, new to me - I thought it could have stood a little more ginger, but the others liked it as it was)

Coffee or tea and chocolates (oh yes, I made very good use of those vouchers...!)

Our guests were Tom W and Anne, and I read Saki's short story A Stalled Ox to general laughter following the meal.
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3rd December 2010

I have...

- tried four new recipes (three soups and a pasta sauce), from three books, using the slow cooker and the stick blender
- taken photographs for seven of the Hundred Snapshots
- spent an hour playing my cello
- taken a photograph every day
- released two books
- done quite a lot of Wii Fit
- applied to become a Mystery Worshipper
- posted a commentary on Lo, He Comes With Clouds Descending to [personal profile] ancientandmodern
- bagged [personal profile] musicalbible and started filling in verses from the back of the Bible - counting part-verses (which I am) I'm at 17/1001 so far. (I heartily recommend not subscribing to that one if you don't want to get spammed)
- filled in an online form by way of a first step for registering with the Anthony Nolan Trust
- wild-released two books
- tried Currywurst
- watched three TED talks
- more or less finished this year's Yuletide assignment
- prompted by Do Nothing: Christmas is Coming, finished making one Christmas present, and got most of the way through another. I've also been doing lectio divina every night and, when it's got put up before I've gone to bed, filled in the examen at [ profile] wildgodcomm

I think that's it. Whew!
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28th November 2010

... released a book
... worked out that I need to get my FitPiggy thingy to 477h 54m on Wii Fit, and done 34m
... taken a photo for Project 365 (above)
... taken 3 photos for 100 Snapshots
... been to two Advent services, and posted a response to today's examen post on [ profile] wildgodcomm
... made Goulash Soup with Dumplings - which wasn't really very soupy

Not a bad start, all things considered.
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Cookery Books

Why do I want to do this?

I'm a bit of a magpie when it comes to cookery books - well, books in general, but cookbooks in particular. I have a suspicion that I possess rather more than I need, and that some of those I possess are actually not very good. This is a way to weed out the dud ones.

How will I know I've done this?

I'll be sticking a sticker to the cover of the appropriate book each time I try a new recipe, so when they've all got three stickers, it'll be done.

I'll record this at [personal profile] stapsreads.

English Food - Jane Grigson
Cooking in a Bedsitter - Katharine Whitehorn
The Top One Hundred Pasta Sauces - Diane Seed
Grub on a Grant - Cas Clarke
French Country Cooking - Elizabeth David
Schwartz Herbs and Spices: Seasonal Hints and Menus
Microwave Cookery Book (uncredited - probably came with the microwave)
Cooking with the Choir - the choir of St Mary's, Guildford
Slow Cooking - Katie Bishop
Kenwood Food Processor Cooking
The Picnic - Jane Pettigrew (not strictly a cookery book, but does contain recipes)
Best of Greece
Best of Thailand
Best of Morocco
Best of China
Best of Spain
Best of India
Best of Ireland
Best of Japan
Best of Mexico
Best of Italy
Sweet Pies and Tarts - Linda Collister
Cooking for Blokes - Duncan Anderson and Marian Walls
200 Delicious Desserts - Sara Lewis
Flavouring with Herbs - Clare Gordon-Smith
Best-Kept Secrets of the Women's Institute: Breads & Bakes - Carrie O'Regan and Jill Brand
Best-Kept Secrets of the Women's Institute: Chocolate - Sîan Cook
Best-Kept Secrets of the Women's Institute: Home Cooking - Jill Brand and Carrie O'Regan
Best-Kept Secrets of the Women's Institute: Tarts - Liz Herbert
Cookies Galore - Jacqueline Bellefontaine
From Bath Chaps to Bara Brith: the taste of South-West Britain - Laura Mason and Catherine Brown
The River Cottage Cookbook - Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
More-With-Less Cookbook - Doris Longacre
The Bishops' Cookbook
Cakes - Janice Murfitt
The Students' Sausage Egg and Beans Cookbook - Jane Bamforth
Slow Cooking Just For Yourself - Catherine Atkinson
The Best of Polish Cooking - Karen West
Mary Berry's Complete Cookbook

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