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Trained First Aider

Yes, that's my badge.

Yesterday was the final day of the three-day First Aid at Work course. In actual fact, only about a third of the day was learning new stuff - broken bones, dislocations, spinal injuries - the rest of it was divided between practice, sitting around waiting for the assessment, the assessment itself, and sitting around waiting for the results.

The assessment was much less terrifying than I'd expected it to be. The two assessors were very friendly and went out of their way to put me at my ease. I had to show what I'd do to treat a bleed resulting from a head wound, followed by shock. Then what I'd do if I were called to someone who was unconscious for some unknown reason. Then how I'd do CPR. Apart from my CPR getting a bit slow as I got tired, I was pretty much OK.

I still don't know how I'd react in the real world, whether I'd throw up or pass out, or whether I'd actually be of any use. However, I do feel much more confident, and competent, now.

Besides all that, it was a really fun three days; I met some great people and had a good laugh.
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First Aid Manual

So, today we looked at:

- burns, of varying severity;
- medical conditions of which one ought to be aware - asthma, angina, epilepsy, and so forth;
- faints, concussion and compression;

and did some more rolling around on the floor by way of revision.

Tomorrow we get assessed. I'm not really thinking about it; I would be nervous otherwise. Whether I pass or not I'll count this goal as complete, but obviously it would be useful.
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First Aid at Work

Good things about becoming the designated first aider at work, once the current one goes on maternity leave:

1. I don't have to pay for the course;

2. I get time off to go to the course.

So today saw me abandon the phone calls and the petty cash tin, and tromp up Cathedral Hill to the Regus, which was happily much easier to find than I thought it would be. I'm doing this course through the British Red Cross and so far would recommend them.

Today we covered:

- the recovery position, what it is, when to use it;
- shock, what to do about it;
- cardio-pulmonary respiration, what it is, when to use it;
- bandages, use of;
- bleeding, how to stop it;
- choking, what to do about it.

We watched several short clips, looked at many gruesome photographs, discussed horrific incidents we'd witnessed or heard about, rolled around on the floor, and all in all had a lot of fun. I'm already more confident, though rather more painfully aware of how much I don't know.

One and a half more days, a short assessment, and I can call this one done.
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1 February 2011

No more goals completed, yet, but I've been prodding at a couple of the big ones. I've booked myself onto a First Aid at Work course (with, I might add, full consent, approval and, more to the point, funding, of my employer) - that's in a couple of weeks.

I've set up a Facebook event for my 26th birthday, though at the moment it says little more than 'ADVANCED WARNING'. I'll work on the details later.

What else? I had prints made of all the photos [personal profile] freddiefraggles took at my wedding, and spent a happy weekend sorting and trimming and sticking. I'm now rather more than half way through the album, and considerably less than half way through the photos.

Went for lunch today at Rumwong, a Thai restaurant in Guildford. It was my first real attempt at Thai food, and I liked it a lot - I had a noodle dish with chicken and broccoli, very mild and delicate in flavour. Also chrysanthemum tea, on my manager's recommendation; she unrecommended it, however, having tasted it. Myself, I found it plesant, but far too sweet. Service was terribly slow.

Ah yes, and we have discovered that the impending nibling-in-law is in fact a niece. This discovery has prompted me to get started on a patchwork quilt - a modified Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern in blue and pink.

Things are going quite nicely.
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First Aid Kit

Why do I want to do this?

I'm fairly squeamish - which fact alone is never going to stop me being in a situation where somebody's hurt and needs attention. I'd like to have a better idea of what to do.

How will I know when I've done it?

I'll be a qualified first aider.

I'll record this in posts on this journal.

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