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Cathedral Voices

I had a very nice birthday. I was in Exeter with my choir (we were the visiting choir at the cathedral for the week), and the day went something like this:

- breakfast, with many cards from the choir
- morning practice
- frantically dashing around Poundland buying paper cups etc.
- picnic lunch on the cathedral green with [ profile] countertony, [ profile] catmint_1984, my mother, my little brother, and much of the choir
- a tour of the cathedral
- wandering around Exeter with my family, including a walk down the narrowest street in the world
- rehearsal at the cathedral
- singing Evensong (Smith responses, Day in B flat, and Hail Gladdening Light). My granny and her partner turned up, as did my friend Charlotte.
- surprise disappearance of my family (it turned out that they had had to run for a bus)
- an expedition to the Imperial Hotel with Charlotte and, later, some leading lights of the Sci-Fi Society; also, later, Mike.

A success all round; this goal is completed.
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1 February 2011

No more goals completed, yet, but I've been prodding at a couple of the big ones. I've booked myself onto a First Aid at Work course (with, I might add, full consent, approval and, more to the point, funding, of my employer) - that's in a couple of weeks.

I've set up a Facebook event for my 26th birthday, though at the moment it says little more than 'ADVANCED WARNING'. I'll work on the details later.

What else? I had prints made of all the photos [personal profile] freddiefraggles took at my wedding, and spent a happy weekend sorting and trimming and sticking. I'm now rather more than half way through the album, and considerably less than half way through the photos.

Went for lunch today at Rumwong, a Thai restaurant in Guildford. It was my first real attempt at Thai food, and I liked it a lot - I had a noodle dish with chicken and broccoli, very mild and delicate in flavour. Also chrysanthemum tea, on my manager's recommendation; she unrecommended it, however, having tasted it. Myself, I found it plesant, but far too sweet. Service was terribly slow.

Ah yes, and we have discovered that the impending nibling-in-law is in fact a niece. This discovery has prompted me to get started on a patchwork quilt - a modified Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern in blue and pink.

Things are going quite nicely.
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Picnic: Cathedral Green, Exeter

What's this about? Why do I want to do it?

I'm an alumnus of the University of Exeter, and as a result am deeply attached to that city. In a happy coincidence, my church choir will be the visiting choir at Exeter Cathedral the week of my 26th birthday. This is too good an opportunity to miss.

How will I know I've done this?

I'll have celebrated my 26th birthday in Exeter with representatives of: my family; friends from Exeter; HT choir.

I'll record this in a post in this journal, and probably a more detailed account at [personal profile] el_staplador.

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